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Reflexology by The Team

Duration: 30-Minute Reflexology Session with Organic Clove and Cinnamon Treatment + 15 Minute Initial Evaluation.

Price: $65

Reflexology Package 

30-Minute Reflexology Session with Organic Clove and Cinnamon Treatment, 15-Minute Foot Detox, and 15-Minute Herbal Foot Soak

Price: $150


  • Your choice of Herbal Tea for Relaxation or Detox.
  • Sound Healing.

What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is an ancient yet powerful form of body work therapy that uses specific areas on the feet (or hands and head) to reduce stress and pain; which essentially improves the health and well-being in the client. Points on the feet correspond with organs and systems of the body and pressure is applied to those areas to produce changes in pain and other benefits elsewhere in the body. It enables the client to let stress flow away rather than to let tensions accrue leading toward poor health. A Reflexologist removes energy blockages and promotes better health.

Why Cinnamon and Clove?
Cinnamon and Clove are known for their powerful benefits of being antimicrobial, relief to the respiratory system, treating pain and dry skin, and they are both prosperity and love attraction oils.

Is Reflexology massage therapy?
No, it is not massage therapy but it is a form of bodywork. 

How is Reflexology performed?
Reflexology is performed in a comfortable chair or on a massage bed.

Do I have to get fully undressed during a Reflexology session?

Plus Aromatherapy of Your Choice: $15 
Plus Tantra: $5
* $1 Per Minute Fee For Overtime
We specialize in reflexology for the feet, hand, head, and relaxation.