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Hya Lip Infusion

What is No Needle Lip Filler?

Hyaluronic acid pen treatment is an innovation that penetrates hyaluronic acid fillers into the epidermis without needles or injections. Using pressure technology the hyaluron pen introduces a hyaluronic acid formula into the area creating an instant lift, glow and enlargement.

If you want to augment your lips size, hyaluron pen is the best treatment to have. Very minimal pain with no needle lip filler. Just as the name denotes, no needles, no injections.

Hyaluron pen treatments and risk

Although the hyaluronic Pen treatment is a relatively new treatment, it is safe and not so invasive as lip filler using a cannula. The pen however can cause light bruising and swelling for several days afterwards. It effects a more superficial target area, giving a more natural effect.

There is very low risk associated with the treatment. Additionally, the completely non-invasive nature of hyaluronic acid pen lifting offers you the opportunity of having lip augmentation with minimal pain involved.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is the most hydrating substance in the world. A natural sugar that is present in your body, it provides skin tissue with the adequate moisture levels. As the human body creates this chemical naturally, it is very unlikely for you to have any allergic reaction to the hyaluronic acid treatments. At Skintastic Aesthetics we use cross-linked hyaluronic acid because it lasts longer in the skin.

Consider that HA is a natural component of every person’s skin. That means the human body has a way of producing HA and a way of breaking it down and cleaning it from the body. This building up and breaking down is a theme throughout biology to keep tissues fresh and healthy. If hyaluronic acid is attached to a number of other HA molecules, it cannot be broken down so easily. The result is a long lasting effect of the HA dermal filler in the skin.

How Many Sessions Does It Take

The process take two sessions two weeks apart for optimum results.

How Long Does The No Needle Lip Filler Treatment Last?

The results are temporary and last approximately as long as injection fillers, about 6-12 months. The body will gradually and naturally absorb the particles.

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