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Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Electronic Muscle Stimulation is an noninvasive procedure that creates muscle contractions that can be fast with long pauses, quick and very frequent, or the contractions can be held for several uncomfortable minutes at a time. The purpose of EMS treatments is to help build muscle and slim the area being treated.

EMS treatments allows you to capture intense and total muscular contractions without putting stress on your joints and tendons. EMS services can help reduce body mass index, subcutaneous fat mass, and the waist circumference of the client being treated. This service is great for relaxation, recovery, and burning unwanted fat. 

EMS + Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radio Frequency is a winning combination to getting slim, trim, and fit!

Ultrasonic Cavitation empties that fat cells and Radio Frequency helps tighten the skin and slim the treated area.

Results vary per individual lifestyle.

Typically 4-8 sessions are necessary for exceptional results.

EMS Services
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